Optimus Dimes & The "Solar Studio"

Words from Vortex Farmer

"As an artist I understand the importance of having a producer that encourages me to do my best. Also one who allows me to be my strange self in the same breath. Optimus Dimes always makes me feel comfortable with my creative differences. Holding a safe container for me as a person to evolve. Having experience with many producers- OD is skilled and quick. Giving me the quality control I need to feel and see in real time how much heart he puts into tracks he works on. Seeing tracks come to life overnight, it's beautiful to work with O.D.P moving forward on many styles. Musically inclined as well as amazing with graphics design. This producer is helping me broaden my horizons awakening my spirit feeling like anything is possible with this OG: Dustin also known as Optimus Dimes. Bless you family."

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