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Changing the Music Production Industry

Optimus Dimes Production encapsulates artistic expression through top-quality production. Since 2003, ODP has been working non-stop to bring the best of its abilities through music engineering and production to add new flavor to the ever-growing media industry. Specializing in (but not limited to) heavy bass genres, Optimus Dimes can bring an artist to the core of their intended sound while educating with the fundamentals of dynamics and balance. There is a ton of work put into becoming a part of the music industry, but if you know you have talent, look no further to obtain the best production you can find in the southern oregon area. "I have been producing music for most of my life and have become a master of the craft from years and years of hard work and committed dedication. Death metal, hip hop, EDM, acoustic, reggae, rock... you name it... I've done it. After a professional education in audio engineering and production, my mixing and mastering skills have evolved me into a wholesome producer capable of taking an idea to a polished record in record time. The key is to fully understand how to find a common language with the artist. This key provides a vital relationship between artist and producer to ensure the proper variables come together and create outstanding records. This way when an artist leaves my studio, they are beyond pumped to show their music to the world." - Optimus Dimes Optimus Dimes productions offers supreme skillsets in: 1. Music production 2. Mixing / Mastering 3. Sound engineering 4. Stem packaging 5. Graphic design 6. Video Production It can be intimidating to look for a record label or publishing company. Most offer extensive binding contracts that limit the artist. It's wise to network with the right people and businesses to ensure your protection as an artist (royalty rights and protection) as well as have a sound understanding of the industry. Leading labels will have an artist cornered under contract due to lack of numbers and sales. If you sign a 3-99 year production contract and your early records flunk, then the label stops supporting you as well as keep you from being able to build elsewhere. Could you imagine to find a second label and not be able to hold any artist royalties because they were signed away in a previous contract? Big rule number 1: You dont have to ever sign a contract if you have a sound contract to bring to the table yourself. Everything is negotiable. OD productions is revolutionizing the industry by promising to take their artists needs first. Artistic expression above all else.

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